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Mobile Conversions
5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Have your mobile conversion rates increased with the size of your mobile phone? Read this blog post for 5 ways you can improve your mobile conversion rate...

What’s the Deal With Ad Frequency?

How many times people see your online ads impacts your ad’s success. Learn about the ideal frequency and the importance of frequency capping.

PPC and SEO work together
3 Reasons PPC and SEO Work Better Together

It’s more than just their shared goal of driving website visits. By marrying your PPC and SEO strategies you can increase the success of both.

Tornado strikes Ottawa and Gatineau

We’re all safe but the damage is extensive. Learn how you can help through various charities.

What’s New for Marketers with Google in 2018?

Google rolls out new machine-learning initiatives for its products at Marketing Live 2018. Find out what’s new.

SEM Ads: Branding vs. Demand Generation

The push and pull of branding and demand-generation strategies are alive and well within SEM too. Read this post for insight into these two strategies.

Advertising on Reddit
Should you Advertise on Reddit?

Reddit is unlike any other social media site. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of advertising to Redditors.

I’m paying for it. So why can’t I find my PPC Ads?

Your PPC campaigns have launched but you can’t find your ads. Here’s a list of possible reasons why.

Transform Bing Search Ads into Intent Ads

Take advantage of search history with Bing Intent Ads. Now available in Canada.

30 Burke, Guelph, ON, N1L 1J2, Canada