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Guess who won Best Use of Search? 🙂

Woohoo! The Canadian Search Awards chose our campaign for Best Use of Search - Travel/Leisure. If we can do that for Kingston, what can we do for you?

The Case for SEO During COVID-19

In a year of dark clouds, there is a silver lining for marketers and that is SEO. Find out why you should focus on SEO during and after COVID-19...

Guess Who is a Finalist for the Canadian Search Awards 2020?

Celebrating the very best, the Canadian Search Awards have chosen us as finalists in two award categories based on our work for Tourism Kingston...

5 Big Reasons You Should Try Video Advertising

From social media to online newspapers, videos are everywhere. Here's why you need to add video ads into your marketing tactical repertoire...

Improve SEO and PPC with Google Star Ratings

People love reviews and ratings. Google loves them too. Find out why you should include Google Star Ratings to impact SEO and PPC positively...

Google Embraces Privacy Issues And Won’t Let Go

Shockwaves hit the digital advertising world when Google announced it will phase out third-party cookies. Find out how we think this might impact us…

How to Get an Edge When Paid Search is Highly Competitive

As more companies engage in Paid Search, auctions are getting pricier. But, if you increase your customer lifetime value, you can still remain competitive...

Novel Dilemmas Demand Novel Responses

How should digital marketers respond to the pandemic? The right answer hinges on your industry and geography but there are only three fundamental responses.

I Actioned SEO & SEM. So, Why Haven't Conversions Grown?

You've done everything we've told you to do. Traffic is up but conversions are not. So, what's wrong? Well, there's just one more thing we need to say...

30 Burke, Guelph, ON, N1L 1J2, Canada