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Fighting Webspam

Google protects its business and users by fighting webspam. Read more about what Google does to reduce webspam and how you can help.

“You’re better than best-in-class”, according to Google 😊

That’s right. Google thinks that Search Warrant is awesome. We want to tell you why…

Google Embraces Privacy Controls for Chrome
Google Embraces Privacy Controls for Chrome

It’s official. Google is responding to people’s concerns regarding privacy, transparency and choice. Here’s what they’re doing with Chrome…

graphic of a woman with a questioning look on her face
I’m Actioning SEO. So Why Has My Search Rank Dropped?

You've implemented a successful SEO strategy. And everything has been going just fine. Then suddenly, your search rank drops! Here are 5 possible reasons...

graphic of silhouetted man behind apple laptop
Should You Worry About Negative SEO?

Is Negative SEO a real threat or is it just another case of fear-mongering? In this blog post, we give you our 2 cents…

A graphic of the Yelp logo with a title 5 Tips for Managing Reviews
5 Tips for Managing Yelp Reviews

There’s no going back; Yelp is here to stay. Uncover some useful tips to managing customer feedback online.

A widescreen computer monitor with a magnifying glass focused on it
Hidden Details Make a Shiny Website Successful

When marketers build web pages and sites, we often focus on the shiny WOW factors, but there’s more to a website than that…

a laptop computer open to the Google search page
Responsive Search Ads, Dynamic Ads and Ad Suggestions

The future is here. A revolution in advertising is just beginning. Find out why you should experiment with machine-generated ad types...

Destination Marketing, SEO & PPC make all the difference
What's Behind the Scenes of Successful Destination Marketing Strategies?

Great SEO and PPC. There’s no doubt about it; unless you implement great SEO and PPC strategies, you won’t be able to compete...

30 Burke, Guelph, ON, N1L 1J2, Canada