Demand in 3D: SaaS Subscriptions in Motion

How can Greyscalegorilla parlay success with 3D motion graphics into 3 new markets?

Among 3D motion artists who use the C4D toolset, Greyscalegorilla and its library of 4000+ assets is a household name. But the C4D market is a subset of a much larger population of artists using tools like Houdini, Blender, and Unreal Engine. Greyscalegorilla’s challenge is to parlay its success with the first group into success with the 2nd larger market through its digital advertising program with Search Warrant.

Advertising-Sourced Subscription Revenue Growth over Time Graph
Advertising-sourced subscription revenue continues to grow as Greyscalegorilla continues to invest it new markets.

Warming up a new audience

Outside of Vegas, nobody gets married on the first date. Similarly, no artist will subscribe to a new 3D motion graphics service the first time they bump into your ad.

Instead, Search Warrant and Greyscalegorilla started conversations with artists using cost-effective YouTube video advertising. In addition to building awareness, viewers are automatically added to Greyscalegorilla’s growing remarketing list for follow up with the kind of beautiful Display advertising graphic artists appreciate.

Converting on high-intent channels

Over time Greyscalegorilla’s users have demonstrated a preference for purchasing through a Google search. Recognizing that fact, the combined team prepared the organic and paid search channels so that when prospects were ready, Greyscalegorilla’s offers were there to convert queries into paid subscriptions.

ROI+ Market Entry

Greyscalegorilla took a risk launching into new markets and supported the launch with its largest ever advertising budget too. It takes resolve to wait and see if your marketing plan is going to work. After all, it takes time to guide new prospects through awareness and consideration to purchase.

In Greyscalegorilla’s case, they did not have to wait too long. Within 60 days of launch, their digital advertising program was ROI positive in terms of immediate revenue and the numbers only improved on an average life time revenue basis per subscriber.

“Entering new markets isn’t simple” says Benoit Fortier, Head of Marketing at Greyscalegorilla. “Collaborating with the digital ad team at Search Warrant helps to extend our success with motion designers to new areas. The results speak for themselves: we’re already seeing a surge in new customers.”

Become a 600 lb. Gorilla

Greyscalegorilla may not be 600 pounds in terms of market share yet, but it’s bulking up and seeing gains! If your advertising program could use more time at the gym, Search Warrant will sweat it out with you and bring a protein shake too. Take 2 minutes to share digital work out tips on our Live Chat below…

Penetrating new SaaS markets is tricky. Here’s how Greyscalegorilla did it with digital advertising. Try our Live Chat below to learn more…
Gorgeous 3D motion graphics by Greyscalegorilla

Client: Greyscalegorilla

Industry: 3D motion graphics SaaS

Audience: motion artists

Action Needed

  • Extend success in the C4D market into new markets
  • Educate users of Houdini, Blender and Unreal Engine that Greyscalegorilla works with their toolsets
  • Build an advertising subscription engine for awareness through consideration and purchase
  • New paid subscribers in each of 3 news markets
  • Growth in transaction volume and top-line revenue. 
  • ROI positive advertising program in a new market in the first 60 days

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