PPC Performance Audit

If your pay per click advertising program isn’t ROI positive, if you’re changing its focus, or you want a 2nd opinion on how to improve, A PPC Performance Audit helps.

Logging into a PPC ad platform is the digital equivalent of sliding into the cockpit of a fighter jet. The basics of advertising – and flight – are simple, but paper airplanes and F-35 Lightnings perform differently. You want an expert ‘pilot’ to monitor and tweak your program performance.
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Small details, big deals

Sweating the details of your PPC advertising program makes the difference between good and great. Staying on top of the latest features and betas can give you a first-mover advantage. Every efficiency you add stretches your ad budget a little further and single clicks can turn into big deals.

Get a second opinion

Just as you sometimes want to double check your doctor’s opinion with another pro in the field, there’s a lot of value to be gained with a fresh set of expert eyes reviewing your PPC ad program too.


  • Is there more opportunity available for your existing program?
  • Are all the right time-of-day, demographic, geographic, and firmographic targeting settings in play?
  • Are old topics or campaigns still in market and spending when the enterprise’s priorities have changed?
  • Do you have multiple ad variations in play across the board?
You get the idea. Reviewing all those switches and settings typically uncovers more than enough efficiencies to cover the cost of your PPC ad program audit within 1-3 months. 

Did you know only 10% of readers scan the small print and there’s a 100% chance you’re one of them?

Pay Per Click Services

It’s hard to beat the targeting, reach, and control that PPC advertising channels offer you over your digital marketing investment. It may not be rocket science but it pays to have a trusted advisor guide you through the planning and execution that make the difference between hitting and missing your targets. At a macro level it’s still a compelling message for the right people at the right time – that you can measure.

Why pay per click ads?

People, budgets, and enterprises are burned by weak digital advertising results every day. Weak results are a symptom though, not a cause. Learn how to ensure your PPC ad returns are healthy.

Pay Per Click Quick Start

Agility is a key strength of PPC advertising. So you can get started quickly - if you have the corner stones of your program in place. Let's get started..

PPC Performance Audit

Your goals, messaging, services, measurement and PPC ad channels can all change so your existing advertising program - even if it's working - may contain gaps and opportunities for improvement too. We can find them.

Google Ads Grant Management

One of the best deals on the internet is Google Ads Grants for non-profits and charities. If $10K USD/month in free advertising can help your organization, we should talk.