Google Analytics 4 Migration

Like it or not, Google Analytics is the default web analytics package in the market. Most businesses have it and most businesses fail to make the most of it in terms of setup and measurement. It’s difficult to make data-based decisions when you can’t get, or can’t trust, the data. If your business is among the few with a tight analytics game, take note – that may have all changed in July with the roll out of Google Analytics 4.


Preserve your YoY data

Google Analytics 4 doesn’t replace Google Analytics until July, 2023 so what’s the rush? If you want to maintain your web analytics data year over year, that means you need to get your Google Analytics 4 setup collecting data now to avoid gaps in your traffic, channel, goal and behavior data. And that data needs to be setup and segmented in the ways you want to see it.

Are your conversion goals defined?
Is traffic segmented the way your business wants to see it?
Will you lose all your audiences and remarketing lists?

Filters, spam and bots, oh my!

To receive clear analytic signals from your web data also means you have eliminated the noise that permeates the internet. It may not be exciting work but it is critical for being able to separate the wheat from the chaff online.

  • Do visits by internal employees, colleagues and partners skew your data?
  • Are robots and spammers messing up your nice clean analytics story?

Get the clarity and data integrity you need for quick, accurate decision making with a well-tuned analytics profile.

Link your analytics, ads and CRM

Web analytics, ppc ad platforms, and your CRM system are all great sources of data but they rarely speak the same language or say the same things.

It’s really frustrating to make a proposal to your boss based on good data only to have your data contradicted by the information in one of your other systems.

Serenity now!

You can often setup your CRM to feed data to Google Analytics which in turn can feed your advertising platforms.

You can choose to establish a common parlance and hierarchy for discussing and valuing your different results: events, engagements, conversions, leads, MQLs, SQLs, opportunities – what does it all mean!?

Get clarity for your choices

No two of your digital systems will ever achieve 100% parity and if they do it won’t be for long. But you don’t need perfect data. You just need clear and consistent data to inform what your experience tells you.

Let us help you connect your different systems, clarify your digital picture, and make business decisions simple.

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Google Analytics 4 Migration

Seamlessly migrate to Google Analytics 4 with expert guidance, ensuring consistent and clear data integration across your analytics, ads, and CRM for informed business decisions.

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