Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising offers strong ROI for B2B enterprises – when it’s done right. The digital landscape is littered with the remains of marketers who set-it-and-forget-it. Hope isn’t strategy.

For best results, marry your ideal customer goals with yours prior to launch. Our award-winning PPC pros love ads and want to help.

Pay Per Click Services

It’s hard to beat the targeting, reach, and control that PPC advertising channels offer you over your digital marketing investment. It may not be rocket science but it pays to have a trusted advisor guide you through the planning and execution that make the difference between hitting and missing your targets. At a macro level it’s still a compelling message for the right people at the right time – that you can measure.

Why pay per click ads?

People, budgets, and enterprises are burned by weak digital advertising results every day. Weak results are a symptom though, not a cause. Learn how to ensure your PPC ad returns are healthy.

Pay Per Click Quick Start

Agility is a key strength of PPC advertising. So you can get started quickly - if you have the corner stones of your program in place. Let's get started..

PPC Performance Audit

Your goals, messaging, services, measurement and PPC ad channels can all change so your existing advertising program - even if it's working - may contain gaps and opportunities for improvement too. We can find them.

Google Ads Grant Management

One of the best deals on the internet is Google Ads Grants for non-profits and charities. If $10K USD/month in free advertising can help your organization, we should talk.

Why Choose Us

You speak, we listen

You will always know your business better than an agency. So we listen hard, and ask questions, before suggesting how to use what we know to help you hit your targets.

B2B Know How

You know how convoluted B2B customer journeys are. Layer on to that your unique site, tech stack, social channels and measurement systems. Then change your team, leadership, and product too! It's tough to book a W in that environment and we have decades of B2B tech and SaaS experience doing it.

Long-term partners

Turnover is high in the tech industry and agencies cycle through clients too. It makes corporate memories short and agencies short sighted. Client relationships with Search Warrant last 36% longer than the industry average and the average tenure of Search Warrant team members is nearly 10 years.

Client Testimonials

Search Warrant helps organizations thrive by leveraging best practices in PPC and SEO. Specifically, from a content perspective, they help you win on key terms that are important for your business. On PPC they manage within your budget and ensure that true conversions are measured so that your get as high an ROI as possible.
David McDuff
David McDuff
Strategic Leader - Search and Product Discovery | IBM
The Search Warrant team was an amazing partner on the SEM campaigns I managed. Not only did they always optimize the campaigns to reach and exceed the performance metrics but they were always looking for innovative approaches that would help reach all objectives at all or targeted levels of the funnel. They are a trustworthy partner and always look after your business as if it was theirs.
Lizane Castonguay
CIRA - Sr. Marketing Manager for .CA
Great team at Search Warrant! I worked with Brian and team for 2 years and it was a great partnership. They're very responsive, proactive, and always came to the table with new ideas on how we can improve our PPC effectiveness. Would highly recommend Search Warrant to anyone looking for a digital marketing partner.
Nick Smarrelli
GFI - PPC Specialist | Demand Generation

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