B2B Copywriting

Everyone writes, right? Surely ChatGPT can fill any gaps. You know that’s not the whole story. Some greeting cards are poignant and others trite. Some jokes are funny and others dull. Some B2B jargon is so dense it’s gibberish.

From scripts to content to social posts, digital marketing runs on words. The search-friendly writers at Search Warrant use AI and years of experience to bridge the gap between your audience and your goals — with words.

Why Choose Us

Audience Centric

Your audience can be forgotten in the race to publish how awesome your brand, products and services are. Let Search Warrant advocate for your audience through text.

The Medium is Still the Message

Re-purposing great content into different uses - slides, posts, white papers, etc. - is good business. But only when you account for how the new medium changes the meaning.

Inspire Action

Producing great content for your audience is only half the battle. Producing great content that inspires your audience to act is the other half. Words from Search Warrant inspire action.

Client Testimonials

"Their practical and plain language approach to search engine optimization is a major asset for any content migration or CMS project."
Denise Eisner
Denise Eisner
Systemscope - Senior Content Designer
"Search Warrant are exactly the people you need on your team. I've been lucky enough to work with Brian & Marc through three different companies over the past ten years. Their work, with my current company, even landed them a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Search Awards. I am so grateful for the knowledge you've so readily shared, and the vast variety of projects we've collaborated on! You're the best!"
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
Nokia Networks - Senior Communications Manager
"Search Warrant took our existing content and repositioned it for SEO. We just review keywords and discuss priority, and Search Warrant takes it from there. The process works really well."
Brendan Ziolo
Brendan Ziolo
Zinc Marketing - Founder & President

Distill Your Message into Action Today.

Let Search Warrant bridge the gap between your goals and the needs of your audience with a span of words.