Google Ads Grant Management

Google Ad Grants is one arm of the Google for Non-Profits program. Qualifying organizations may receive up to $10,000 USD a month in free advertising on Google. With a Google Ad Grant, people searching for non-profits like yours see your ad, are more likely to visit, and may donate too.

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Does your organization qualify?

Your organization must be a recognized non-profit entity and there are unique eligibility guidelines in different countries. Certain types of organizations are not eligible though there may be other avenues for them to explore. These organizations do NOT qualify:

  • A governmental entity or organization
  • A hospital or health care organization (charitable arms or foundations associated with healthcare organizations are eligible).
  • A school, academic institution, or university (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible). Learn more about Google for Education, Google’s programs for educational institutions.

In Canada, succeeding organizations must also:

  • Be currently registered with TechSoup Canada, TechSoup Global’s regional arm.
  • Be one of the following: a charity, tax exempt non-profit organizations operating on a non-profit basis for the public benefit, a federal not-for-profit corporation, or a provincial non-profit.

In the United States, your organization must also satisfy these requirements:

  • Be recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization formed for charitable, educational, religious, literary, scientific, or other tax-exempt purposes.
  • Fiscally sponsored organizations are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits.
  • Organizations, such as churches, that are automatically considered tax-exempt under group exemption must still obtain recognition of 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS to qualify for the Google for Nonprofits program.
    Organizations must be validated by TechSoup.

If you’re curious about the requirements in another country, see Google’s list of eligibility requirements by country here.

Where does Search Warrant come in?

We like to help. The Google Ads platform is powerful but if you’re not a digital advertising pro, you may struggle to learn how to use the platform and maintain your ad program. That could put your organization at risk of losing its grant.

Instead, the digital advertising pros at Search Warrant have years of experience managing grant accounts for other non-profits and we extend discounted rates to help organizations like yours get the most out of their Google Ads grant.

Start your verification process now

If you think your organization qualifies for a Google Ads grant and you’re ready for up to $10,000 USD in free advertising, you can start your verification process here. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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Google Ads Grant Management

One of the best deals on the internet is Google Ads Grants for non-profits and charities. If $10K USD/month in free advertising can help your organization, we should talk.