Pay Per Click Quick Start

Sometimes the toughest part of pay per click advertising is getting started. If you have the foundation for success in place, Search Warrant can build a best-practice PPC ad campaign for your approval in short order.
PPC ads are nimble: you can launch, pause, change, and relaunch fast compared to your organic search campaign or OOH advertising.  
This means PPC ads are good for quick answers on which messages, offers, and destinations resonate with your target audience before you commit.  
Your PPC ad program is just as useful for market research as it is for driving demand. 


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Turn it up or dial it down

With your PPC program established, you can devote as much or as little budget to it as you choose. Although advertising algorithms tend to perform better for you when you keep them running, you can choose to use $10,000 one day and $10 the next.

Sweat the details

Though it’s a simple concept to promote yourself to your target audience and bring them to your website, in practice there a ton of targeting options and arcane details hidden in the sub menus of every PPC ad platform. Knowing what these features are and when to use them makes the difference between good and great PPC advertising results. 

Maintain your PPC success

If your team is short of the time required to drive your PPC program, Search Warrant can step into the breach with ongoing monitoring, reporting, and adjustments. The first step towards launching your paid search advertising program is contacting Search Warrant.

Pay Per Click Services

It’s hard to beat the targeting, reach, and control that PPC advertising channels offer you over your digital marketing investment. It may not be rocket science but it pays to have a trusted advisor guide you through the planning and execution that make the difference between hitting and missing your targets. At a macro level it’s still a compelling message for the right people at the right time – that you can measure.

Why pay per click ads?

People, budgets, and enterprises are burned by weak digital advertising results every day. Weak results are a symptom though, not a cause. Learn how to ensure your PPC ad returns are healthy.

Pay Per Click Quick Start

Agility is a key strength of PPC advertising. So you can get started quickly - if you have the corner stones of your program in place. Let's get started..

PPC Performance Audit

Your goals, messaging, services, measurement and PPC ad channels can all change so your existing advertising program - even if it's working - may contain gaps and opportunities for improvement too. We can find them.

Google Ads Grant Management

One of the best deals on the internet is Google Ads Grants for non-profits and charities. If $10K USD/month in free advertising can help your organization, we should talk.