Top Tips for PPC ad landing pages

Continuous improvement of your online marketing performance – that’s conversion optimization. Your marketing ancestors would have killed for the insights you can get just by looking for them today. This means that fire-and-forget web pages and advertisements belong in a museum.

Visitors are precious

The daily stream of data your web visitors give you is precious. Turn that data into information by analyzing it for patterns and trends. Then take the final step toward business value by turning it into knowledge. And that only happens when you apply what you’ve learned and observe how it changes your results.

  • What happens if you use a larger headline?
  • Does the amount of text matter?
  • How do users respond to different images in different places?
  • Where’s your call to action?

Digital epiphanies

Approaching your digital marketing this way leads to epiphanies such as:

  • Your content doesn’t have to be perfect to launch it because you can’t perfect it until you see how it performs
  • The speed at which you improve is only limited by how quickly you try new things
  • Technology changes rapidly but people don’t so there are still best practices you can use for decent performance on day 1
  • Some testing garners infinitely more insights than zero testing
  • The market will tell you how to improve but only if you listen

Web best practices

There’s a list of valuable best practices for making web pages that work. You can learn them yourself but that takes time. Why not accelerate the process by working with people who have learned them already and can show you how to use them? From there, you can automate your continuous improvement without breaking the bank. It’s a virtuous circle and it pays dividends. We love this stuff and we’re eager to help.

Conversion Optimization Services

Amplify your online impact with our Conversion Optimization Service. By diving deep into your user behavior and harnessing data-driven insights, we help elevate your web performance. Refining each step in the user journey nudges visitors towards conversion. Witness a significant surge in engagement, leads, and sales as we help you remove bottlenecks and friction from your site.

Top 15 Tips For Your Ppc Landing Pages

Optimize your PPC landing pages with expert strategies that prioritize clarity, user experience, and trust-building elements for maximum conversions.

Google Analytics 4 Migration

Seamlessly migrate to Google Analytics 4 with expert guidance, ensuring consistent and clear data integration across your analytics, ads, and CRM for informed business decisions.

Client Testimonials

"Great team at Search Warrant! I worked with Brian and team for 2 years and it was a great partnership. They're very responsive, proactive, and always came to the table with new ideas on how we can improve our PPC effectiveness. Would highly recommend Search Warrant to anyone looking for a digital marketing partner."
Nick Smarrelli
GFI - PPC Specialist | Demand Generation
"I couldn't ask for a better digital marketing partner! Search Warrant has helped us develop and grow our digital marketing presence over the past four years with steadily increasing results. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and overall just fun people to work with."
Jennie Paul
Savillex - Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
"Search Warrant are exactly the people you need on your team. I've been lucky enough to work with Brian & Marc through three different companies over the past ten years. Their work, with my current company, even landed them a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Search Awards. I am so grateful for the knowledge you've so readily shared, and the vast variety of projects we've collaborated on! You're the best!"
Chelsea Ogilvie
Proslide - Marketing Program Manager

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