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You can have strong results and clear reporting too. See how B2B tech firms, SaaS players & tourism operators scale growth with us.

Your award-winning digital marketing team is here — and we want your business.

Since 2008, the Search Warrant team has helped clients like IBM,  Kinaxis, CIRA & Knak to hit their targets with the right mix of PPC, SEO & Social. Let’s hit yours too.

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How we get you results...

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising channels can be a high-ROI conduit between your audience and your goals — when they're used well.

Search Engine Optimization

Regular SEO is as vital to your digital health as brushing your teeth is to oral hygiene.

Conversion Optimization

Find and remove the friction at each step of your visitors’ journey and you will be rewarded.

Professional Writing

Bridge the gap between their pain and your solution with the right message to provoke action.

Marketing Operations

Your marketing operations systems are the plumbing of digital marketing. Ensure your data flows properly to support business decisions.

Awards from digital marketing pros who think we’re good at this stuff.

Consecutive Global Search Awards  for PPC  along with Canadian Marketing Association Awards for B2B results — including LinkedIn.

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What clients say...

"The Search Warrant team was an amazing partner on the SEM campaigns I managed. Not only did they always optimize the campaigns to reach and exceed the performance metrics but they were always looking for innovative approaches that would help reach all objectives at all or targeted levels of the funnel. They are a trustworthy partner and always look after your business as if it was theirs."
Lizane Castonguay
CIRA - Sr. Marketing Manager for .CA
"The guys at Search Warrant know their stuff. Not only do they live and breathe paid search and SEO, but they know how to make it work for you and your business. They brought our AdWords campaign back from the abyss and lowered our CPL 22x over a 30 month period, helping us reach ROI positive and more on our campaigns. They take on any challenge with enthusiasm and always provide their honest, expert advice. Give them your trust and they will reward you with results! Highly recommended."
Jason Faber
CIRA - Product Marketing Manager, .CA Domain
"I couldn't ask for a better digital marketing partner! Search Warrant has helped us develop and grow our digital marketing presence over the past four years with steadily increasing results. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and overall just fun people to work with."
Jennie Paul
Savillex - Sr. Marketing Communications Manager