Search-visibility auditing

Before deciding what you need to do to improve your enterprise’s search presence, you should know where you stand today in relation to where you want to be, where your competition is, and which battles you can reasonably expect to fight and win.

After 20 years in the B2B enterprise SEO business, we learned that your biggest challenges don’t have much to do with your website. Instead, since SEO gains often hinge on doing a list of small things consistently and well, your challenge will be organizing multiple teams, with multiple agendas, to prioritize your SEO project at the same time. This is one reason smaller firms can outperform their enterprise competitors with SEO – they enjoy the luxury of focus.

With that enterprise reality in mind, our search visibility audits prioritize findings that you can actually act on within your environment.

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What’s a search visibility audit?

A search visibility audit  show you where you rank today across the major search engines for the keywords you choose and compares your search ranks to those of the competitors in whom you’re most interested.

Before and after snapshots

A search visibility audit is a benchmark that offers you a “before” snapshot to which you can compare your “after” snapshot once you’ve implemented some improvements. Search visibility audits work hand in hand with keywords analysis.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is never done because sitting still means losing ground to competitors who continue to improve. Instead, the question to ask yourself in a B2B enterprise environment is, “Which SEO techniques can I tackle and maintain on an ongoing basis?” The industry is full of ‘experts’ who will run an SEO report to tell you how to win the top Google rank on a term for which no one is looking. If that impresses your executive you need a new executive. Instead, take a look at the SEO services menu below and see which ones fit your situation.

Why SEO?

In enterprise environments, sometimes you need help convincing stakeholders to focus on SEO. We have decades of B2B experience with the Fortune 50 and SaaS upstarts too. Let us help you persuade the corner office.

Keywords Analysis

You can neither win every search term nor does every search term have real business value to make it worth winning. Knowing the right topics and clusters on which to focus your energies is key to SEO success.

Site Migrations

Launching a new site is challenging enough without learning you lost all your organic search results and traffic on day 1. Avoid that fate by working with us on a well-planned migration that measures before and after and ensures there are no surprises.

SEO Tune Up

Sometimes your budget, schedule, or priorities only let you optimize a few key pages at a time. Continue that practice on a regular basis and soon all your top pages are working harder for you. We can help.

Search Visibility Audit

You need to know where you are before you can plan how to get where you want to go. A search visibility audit shows you which ranks you have versus your competition and identifies gaps and opportunities too.

Complete SEO

You can't optimize everything at once so our Complete SEO service looks at your web presence through the lenses of ranks, content, links and technical attributes to identify and prioritize your biggest opportunities for improvement and a plan for tackling them.

SEO Scholarships

An opportunity to be a good corporate citizen while growing your talent pool and improving your organic search results too.