Klipfolio Grows Leads & Cuts Costs with Polished PPC Advertising

Organizations depend on “always on, always visible” Klipfolio dashboards to turn data from myriad sources into the right key indicators for monitoring their performance.

And with lead generation almost exclusively inbound, Klipfolio depends on a search-optimized website and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to fuel its growth. So when the company’s success led to a significant increase in its AdWords budget, they knew they needed help to make the most of their new PPC opportunity.

A history of SEO success

When Klipfolio rebranded, Search Warrant helped build an SEO solution that saw site traffic increase by 400%. That made Search Warrant the logical choice to help Klipfolio with the next phase of their online marketing.

“Search Warrant had done a great job for us before,” says Klipfolio’s Chief Marketing Officer Mychelle Mollot, “so when we wanted an SEO and PPC ‘sanity check’ we turned to them again.”

Originally, Search Warrant’s task was simply to audit Klipfolio’s existing SEO program and AdWords campaigns. The SEO audit showed Klipfolio’s site to be in good shape. Implementing the audit’s few recommendations contributed to another significant bump in organic traffic. However, the AdWords audit prompted Klipfolio to rethink their approach to PPC advertising. For the PPC audit, Search Warrant conducted a thorough analysis of Klipfolio’s AdWords account to determine whether the company was, among other things:

  • measuring the right kinds of conversions
  • organizing their account architecture for maximum clarity and success
  • applying best practices to their PPC ad copy
  • using geo targeting to prioritize sales leads

Based on this analysis, Search Warrant recommended both urgent and ‘nice-to-have’ actions that would give Klipfolio more bang for its PPC buck.

“The AdWords audit made us realize we were in trouble,” says Mollot. “We saw that we couldn’t maximize the return on our serious PPC budget without expertise from Search Warrant. So we decided to go forward with a more permanent relationship with them.”

Significantly better PPC campaigns

What are the results of Klipfolio’s ongoing relationship with Search Warrant? Mollot describes them as fitting into three buckets.

“The first is structure,” she says. “It sounds pedestrian, but our campaign structure wasn’t working, and Search Warrant helped us build one that is working really well.”

Second, Search Warrant implemented an effective approach to geo targeting. This enabled Klipfolio to direct its PPC dollars where they would generate the most valuable leads.

“Geo targeting means we can now look at the world in a much finer-grained way,” explains Mollot, “and that helps us because our leads are valued very differently from different countries.”

Third, and perhaps most important, was an increase in solid leads accompanied by a lower cost per lead.

“Search Warrant helped us really, really squeeze the most out of our PPC spend,” says Mollot. “We reduced our cost per lead by about 25% overall and in some cases much, much more.” Mollot points to an added benefit as well.

“The quality of the leads we’re bringing to our sales team now is much higher than it had been, and a lot of that is because of the geo targeting and spend optimization that Search Warrant helped set up.”

Klipfolio Dashboard in their lobby
Klipfolio monitors real-time changes in AdWords campaigns using a dashboard created by Search Warrant using Klipfolio technology.

A win-win PPC dashboard

There is yet another benefit to the Klipfolio/Search Warrant relationship. It’s one that both companies have benefited from, and that Mollot is especially excited about. Remember those ‘always on, always visible’ Klipfolio dashboards that decision makers depend on to maximize their performance? Well Search Warrant developed one with Klipfolio’s help that Mollot and her team use to monitor their AdWords campaigns.

“It’s great for me,” says Mollot, “because I don’t want to wait for a weekly or monthly or quarterly meeting. Having a dashboard that shows me the leading AdWords campaign indicators in real time is a confidence booster and a way for us to keep on top of what’s going on without having to get into AdWords ourselves.”

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Klipfolio Dashboard

Clients: Technology, consumer, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing agencies, government, not-for-profits—all benefit from Klipfolio dashboards.

Action Needed

  • Audit existing SEO and PPC programs
  • Make ongoing improvements to PPC advertising campaigns
  • Increase leads and lower cost per lead
  • Significant growth in organic search traffic
  • Better leads through geo targeting
  • Cost per lead reduced by 25%
  • Real-time monitoring of PPC KPIs using an “always on, always visible” dashboard