$60,000 Annual SEO Win — Supply Chain Management SaaS

If your web team struggles to quantify the value of SEO for management, read on…

Everyone prefers better Google ranks and more high-intent organic search traffic to less. Despite that, enterprise web teams can struggle to persuade the corner office to continue the necessary, ongoing diligence for SEO best practices. Kinaxis overcomes this challenge by reporting its SEO wins in terms of equivalent paid traffic.

Kinaxis’ Web Team Knows SEO

The supply chain management SaaS market is a competitive space that includes brands like IBM, Oracle and specialty players too. To stay competitive, the web team at Kinaxis has collaborated with Search Warrant for years to maintain a consistent SEO practice. Recently the SEO team was tasked with improving ranks and traffic for a short list of competitive terms.

With the targets terms and their current search results in hand, the combined team drafted a series of search-friendly ‘pillar’ pages to provide relevant information to their target audience which has always been key to winning Google’s attention.

Organic Google ranks and share of social traffic for ‘pillar’ pages. Red dots show pages that received social sharing and blue dots show pages that were not shared socially. The evidence suggests social sharing improves organic search ranks.
Click through rates on organic search listings for pillar pages improved for pages that were shared socially (red dots) vs. pages that were not (blue dots). The evidence suggests visitors are more likely to search and click through on content that is also shared socially.

After  designing, drafting, publishing and interlinking their new pages for best results, Search Warrant worked with Kinaxis to deploy an additional SEO technique as ‘the cherry on top’.

Social Sharing for SEO Gains

Your enterprise social media profiles already contain the right followers for your topic. And since Google recognizes which audiences react and engage with your content, it follows that Google notices when a subset of your audience – like your social media followers – notices your content.

Based on this hypothesis, Search Warrant and Kinaxis drafted social media posts to announce and share some – but not all – of the new pillar page content with Kinaxis’ followers. Why share only some of the pillar pages socially? To make it easier to compare performance differences between pages that were shared vs. those that were not.

$60,000/year Ongoing SEO Win

Today, the results of this SEO project speak for themselves.

  1.  83% of the new pages  demonstrate improved ranks on Google
  2.  2,000 more high-intent organic search visitors arrive on Kinaxis.com every month
  3. Pillar pages that were shared on social media show 5x better CTR on their organic search listings than those that were not shared.

Most importantly, a quick comparison with Kinaxis’ award-winning paid advertising program shows the Kinaxis web team that equivalent paid traffic on these same keywords would cost the company $60,000 in media spend. Moreover, the SEO team knows that if they maintain their content, they can repeat that $60k value every year too.

Boost Your SEO Results Too —  No Strings Attached

The B2B SEO pros at Search Warrant love talking SEO.  Take 2 minutes to chat with us at the bottom of your screen. We’ll listen to your SEO situation and suggest how you can improve – no strings attached.

Sharing your content socially improves  SEO ranks, traffic & CTR. Questions welcome at our Live Chat below.
Kinaxis Pillare page SEO example

Client: Kinaxis

Industry: Supply chain management SaaS

Audience: Supply chain management professionals

Action Needed

  • Identify a short list of valuable competitive keywords for improvement
  • Plan, draft, and publish SEO ‘pillar’ pages for each term
  • Share select pillar pages with social media followers
  • Measure and report on associated SEO gains
  • 83% of target terms demonstrate improved Google ranks
  • 2,000 additional high-intent organic search visitors every month – at zero cost
  • 5x superior CTR on Google search listings for pages that were also shared on social media
  • $60k/year value in ongoing traffic – at no charge

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