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What’s the difference between a digital and print ad campaign?

Discover why a living and breathing digital ad campaign out performs its print cousin.

How to Hire a Search Engine Optimizer—It’s Not Black Magic

Some marketers view the practice of SEO as a bit of black magic. It’s not. In this video, Google tells you how to hire a reputable SEO.

Great SEO Titles & Descriptions for Better SERP Slugs

Modern SEO: Write for People, not Search Engines

Do I need to be worried about click fraud?

Click fraud could be happening to your Google Adword account right now, but here’s why you don’t need to worry.

SERP ranking got you down? Maybe that’s because you’re down in the SERP ranking! Use these Google ranking factors to increase your SERP position and better your SEO today!
SEO Food For Thought: Ranking Factors to Help Your SERP Position

Discover the SEO ranking factors for 2017; highlights of Searchmetric’s annual report.

How do I create an effective paid search ad?
How do I create an effective paid search ad?

Learn the secret to compelling paid search ad copy and engaging calls to action, which will increase your Google Adwords paid search performance. 90 sec. video.

Testing a new Microscope site

Our SEO experiment to see if we can get this site to rank in Google.

Do you have google spam traffic
Has Spam Messed Up Your Web Metrics?

Fake or ghost web traffic could be inflating your visitor numbers and sending your performance through the floor. Find out if your team is making decisions based on this tainted data.

Why Quality Score and Web Experience is Important for Paid Search
Why does a good web experience matter?

Watch this 90 second video to discover quality score and why it matters to your Google Adwords success.

30 Burke, Guelph, ON, N1L 1J2, Canada