Why does Canada have good digital marketing?

Why does Canada have good digital marketers? Data nerds. A nation full of them. They even get excited by their census.

Don’t take our word for it. It’s all over the news. After a few years without their much-loved long form census, the country is under new management and with it comes a return to data-driven policy making. Which means you need data. Which means you need a census. That makes sense. But the enthusiasm for spending time interacting with government forms and bureaucracy? That’s a new twist.

I’m not kidding, Canucks crashed the Statistics Canada site in their eagerness to start checking boxes and being a member of a demographic. So if you’re shopping for a digital marketing agency, take a good look in Canada. To see it for yourself, look at the tweets in this article from CBC.

Canada’s ‘enthusiasm’ for census brings down StatsCan website