Google Advertising Changes Coming. Is Your Agency Ready?

You might have heard about Google Summit 2016 and the changes Google is planning to role out later in 2016 and into 2017.  If there was an over arching theme it was that mobile is the new king, and it has already arrived.  We’ve been aware of this change for quite some time and have been encouraging our clients to move beyond responsive designs and think about mobile first.

Mobile users act differently on the web, in response Google has made several big moves in this direction.

Here are some of the changes Google is proposing as it’s move to mobile:

  1. Removal of the right rail ads on desktop to match the mobile experience.  We reported on this in February.
  2. AdWords to break up bidding on tablet, desktop and mobile so they can act independently.
  3. Expanded text ads on all devices.  At first blush we think this will make ads look more like organic listings reducing the distinction between paid and organic listings.
  4. Promoted pins on Google maps for people searching for local services.
  5. Major overhaul to the Adwords interface with significant changes to bidding options and responsive display ads so that devices of all types can be uniquely targeted.


Search Engine Land summarizes many of the updates should you want to explore them more fully take a look at this page.

What’s Next?

As always we are on top of the latest trends and updates, and we’ll be reviewing these changes to see how they impact your paid search performance in the near and long term.  Feel free to ask us about any of the changes coming our way.