PPC Advertising leads for i-Sight Software

For you digital marketing fans, here’s an excerpt from a new PPC advertising success story. If this whet’s your appetite, there’s a link to the complete story below.

“We needed expertise to show us how to streamline the beast and make it better,” says Hage. “And after meeting with a few vendors, we decided Search Warrant would be able to provide the help we needed and would be the best fit for us.”

As part of their improvements, Search Warrant:

  • Made sure sales campaigns were structured in a way that made sense and that let i-Sight track results
  • Helped implement lead source tracking to connect clicks to qualified leads
  • Optimized i-Sight’s landing pages
  • Introduced a lead-grading program to quantify the quality of inbound leads
  • Helped generate eBook, geo-targeted, and other new types of campaigns

Search Warrant designed a dashboard with i-Sight’s input so that they could easily compare sales results to goals for their campaigns over time and predict results ahead of time.

Says Hage, “They came up with a dashboard that’s my ‘go to’ on a bi-weekly basis. It lets me see at a glance exactly how we’re performing toward our goals.”

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