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Success Story

Cutting Costs for PPC Advertising Leads at i-Sight Software

HR departments regularly investigate claims and complaints from customers, employees and others. It can be complex and when not done right can have serious and expensive consequences for an organization.

To mitigate risk and manage investigations, i-Sight provides case management software to hundreds of national and multinational corporations and government agencies.

“Our software is the backbone of their investigations,” says i-Sight’s Director of Marketing Pierre Hage.

“Customers use it to manage teams of investigators. It stores data in a central repository, generates reports, and ensures best practices throughout the process.”

For organizations with multiple branches, the i-Sight solution helps aggregate multiple, geographically dispersed investigations to spot trends, identify frauds and prompt preventive action.

Wanted: Digital marketing expertise

Over the years that i-Sight conducted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for their software, they built a dependable PPC campaign platform. But although highly successful, it became increasingly difficult to manage.

“We kept pumping more and more money into it because we had great returns,” explains Hage. “But the complexity of the system grew. It got harder to manage. And we started to see diminishing returns on our PPC investment.”

i-Sight knew they needed professional digital marketing help to figure out what they should do to improve and manage their PPC system.

“We needed expertise to show us how to streamline the beast and make it better,” says Hage. “And after meeting with a few vendors, we decided Search Warrant would be able to provide the help we needed and would be the best fit for us.”

As part of their improvements, Search Warrant:

  • Made sure sales campaigns were structured in a way that made sense and that let i-Sight track results
  • Helped implement lead source tracking to connect clicks to qualified leads
  • Optimized i-Sight’s landing pages
  • Introduced a lead-grading program to quantify the quality of inbound leads
  • Helped generate eBook, geo-targeted, and other new types of campaigns

Search Warrant designed a dashboard with i-Sight’s input so that they could easily compare sales results to goals for their campaigns over time and predict results ahead of time.

Says Hage, “They came up with a dashboard that’s my ‘go to’ on a bi-weekly basis. It lets me see at a glance exactly how we’re performing toward our goals.”

More sales leads in, fewer marketing dollars out

The dashboard that Hage relies on to monitor the company’s sales performance focuses on i-Sight’s three key marketing areas: Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), Demo Requests (DR), and Information Queries (IQ)

i-Sight’s spend on Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) has come in under budget while exceeding SQL targets, lowering the average cost per sales lead.

Year to date data yields a solid predicted value, which allows for ongoing comparisons to the target values.



I-Sight is a global leader in providing case management software for investigations.


Financial, insurance and other companies that need to manage risk while

conducting investigations into claims and complaints.

Action Needed

  • Audit and recommend improvements to an unwieldy PPC advertising system
  • Act on those recommendations to improve marketing results
  • Develop profitable new online campaigns
  • Continually optimize and improve PPC marketing campaigns and results


  • Improved ability to track marketing results with a custom dashboard
  • Greater visibility into where marketing dollars go and the impact they have
  • Significant increase in sales-qualified leads with an accompanying decrease in cost per lead
  • A profitable, ongoing relationship between i-Sight and Search Warrant Online Marketing

Search Warrant goes to work

After getting to know i-Sight’s business and conducting a thorough analysis of their PPC advertising campaigns, Search Warrant detailed exactly how the company could improve its performance and drive incremental sales. Then, with their recommendations approved, they went to work implementing them.

“They helped us restructure our campaigns and re-allocate spend,” says Hage. “We broke our campaigns into buckets, including hard sell PPC campaigns to attract requests for demos, and a more soft sell approach designed to educate people about fraud and investigative techniques and how our solution could help.”

Among other things it has shown that the average cost of an SQL has been trending down over the past year, while the volume of SQLs has trended upward.

This demonstrates that, by working together, i-Sight and Search Warrant connect SQLs near the bottom of the marketing funnel with ad spend at the top, making it possible to continually improve the efficiency of SQL capture to increase leads while lowering cost per lead at the same time.

A profitable relationship

Is Hage pleased with the results of Search Warrant’s efforts and with their ongoing relationship? Absolutely.

“Search Warrant has added really great visibility into where our dollars are going and the impact they are having on our business,” he says. “From here it’s just a question of continuing the process and honing the system to makes sure we keep managing successful online marketing campaigns.”

To learn more about how PPC works and how Search Warrant can help you benefit from PPC, see Why Pay Per click Ads?

What clients are saying…

Where we get the best results for our efforts is SEO. You have to improve it constantly, but it is a very powerful and honest form of marketing. If you truly have a site that prospects will find useful, Google will reward you.

Allan Wille,

CEO, Klipfolio Inc.

Search Warrant took our existing content and repositioned it for SEO. We just review keywords and discuss priority, and Search Warrant takes it from there. The process works really well.

Brendan Ziolo,

Sipera Systems

Search Warrant helps us ensure that we are using industry-leading techniques…We see Search Warrant as a partner in a very collaborative program. It’s a really valuable relationship.

Cathy Kirkpatrick,

Vice President, Alphabet Creative.

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