Why does a good web experience matter?

What is quality score and why does it matter?

Watch this 90 second video blog from Search Warrant Online Marketing to learn how a good web experience can improve your quality score for more Google Adwords conversions.

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Hi, this is our video blog series of frequently asked questions for paid search advertising folk. If you’ve got questions, hopefully here come some answers for you. I’m Brian O’Grady from Search Warrant Online Marketing, your boutique digital marketing firm.

There’s another side to this kind of auction in paid search advertising, it’s not just how much you bid, it’s also what kind of web experience you’re offering your user. And that’s because search engines like Google have a vested interest in providing good experiences for their users. If they just let every advertiser who had deep pockets own their interface with their ads, they’d probably go out of business fairly quickly because that doesn’t necessarily add up to providing a great experience for your users.

Search engines, again Google in particular, needed to come up with a way of measuring who should win an auction, what is a good experience, plus a good bid. And the way they came up to measure that is something they call “quality score”. It’s a simple one to 10 scale, if you get a one, your ads aren’t gonna show. If you get a 10, your ads are going to show all the time. And it’s a combination of your bid and your web experience. And a big part of that is click-through rates – because – don’t forget, the engines all make their money on clicks. So that’s the kind of behaviour they want to encourage.