Get To Know Your Historical Quality Score

Learn about the recent changes to reporting on Quality Score metrics in Google AdWords and why it’s important to you. 90 second video.


Hi, I’m Brian O’Grady from Search Warrant Online Marketing, your boutique digital marketing firm. If you’ve got questions about paid search advertising, we’ve got answers. Here comes our video blog series for people just like you.

Hi, my name is Sean Rucko and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist at Search Warrant Online Marketing. Today, I want to talk to you about Quality Scores inside AdWords. In terms of operating a successful AdWords account, most, if not all marketers know that the most important metric to consider is Quality Score. Quality Score metrics have always been available to us inside of AdWords, but up until recently there has been no way, or no easy way to review a quality score over a historical period of time. While you could always log in and look at your quality score of how it was performing that particular day, there was no way to look at a snapshot in time to see if I improved over the last three months or not.

Recently, Google introduced four new historical quality score measures:

  • Historical quality score
  • Historical landing page experience
  • Historical ad relevance
  • Historical expected click-through rate

With these new metrics now available to us, we have the ability to log into our account and to look at our quality score through any point in time. This really gives us good insights into how our changes are effecting our results. These changes can come from our ad copy, our keywords that we’re targeting, as well as changes that we’re making to our paid search landing pages because these all tie into our Quality Score.