Should You Consider Bing?

Move over Google, Bing is in. 90 second video.


Hi, I’m Brian O’Grady from Search Warrant Online Marketing, your boutique digital marketing firm. If you’ve got questions about paid search advertising, we’ve got answers. Here comes our video blog series for people just like you.

One of the most common questions we get in the search advertising industry is: should I be concerned with Bing ads or should I expand my existing Google AdWords program over on Bing. Now five years ago or ten years ago, we would have said no, it’s not worth it. There’s not a lot of volume there and there’s not a lot of quality either. Just focus your efforts on Google AdWords because the effort you’ll go into to expand into a second platform isn’t worth your time. But that was then and this is now. The answer has changed. Bing now has as much as 30% of the search advertising market depending on who you ask and the quality of the people there has really increased as well.

Add that to the fact that Bing is still cheaper most of the time than Google AdWords and you’ve got a powerful bit of motivation for looking at Bing as a viable option for your program. So now, after we get people started on Google AdWords and that program is working well, we almost always recommend that they extend that program over onto Bing as well.