Google Tests New Google Ads Lead Extension

Google is rolling out a new lead form extension for Google Ads that we think may finally turn mobile into a B2B lead generator instead of just a list builder.

Although the new feature is in Beta right now—and we don’t yet have the capabilities to test it—we think Google is rolling this feature out just in the nick of time as it may help address the negative impact from the recent increases in Zero-Click searches.

Why? Because from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), users will be able to easily click and submit their info for information. We can see this being used quite effectively, for example, you could announce a special deal, but people will only receive the special offer if they fill out the lead form.

Here, we created a simple lead form for us:

Advertisers have some flexibility designing the lead form with their own titles and descriptions as well as the ability to use a header image. They can also customize the copy that appears after a lead has been submitted. Advertisers can ask for the name, email, phone number and postal code.

Here’s a screenshot to show you how easy it is to create a lead form:

To understand how to create a Google Ads lead extension, read Google’s instructions.

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