Why Extensions? A Search Warrant Tip

With Google unveiling its mandatory conversion of Adwords accounts to Enhanced Campaign mode, the search giant has updated the working of its ad extensions with new levels of flexibility and granularity.

One of the ways Google tries to increase its ads’ engagement potential, extensions allow advertisers to embed a clickable phone number, an address from Google +, and other offers and links, all within the text ad experience. There is much inherent value to do these ad “add-ons” (as I like to call them). If you want to reach mobile users, for example, you can place a call button on your ads so that they can speak to you in a zip.

And just like a peacock spreading its feathers to attract their crush, ads that take up decent screen real estate tend to attract the eyes of your target. Sometimes – the more options the better, but stacking extensions can sometimes make you lose sight of your end-goal for your target audience. If the extension will help you guide your audience towards that goal, consider using it.