“You’re better than best-in-class”, according to Google 😊

As strong silent types, we’re not ones to brag. But when Google says you’re “better than best-in-class”…

Rated against our agency peers, Search Warrant came out on top, according to Google’s rating system. For our overall skills as an agency, we rated 16.8% higher than their best-in-class rating. What’s more, according to Google our greatest skill is Automated Bidding. Shucks, thanks for saying so Googs! (Can I call you Googs now? It’s like Biebs…)

Google went on to designate Search Warrant as a Premier Partner, which means we’re going to be even better buds than before.

This is proof that if you stick to your knitting and put client success first, good things follow. Congratulations to everyone on the Search Warrant team for doing such a great job and thanks to our great clients who help us get better every day.