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Search-Friendly Sites

By ensuring the search-friendliness of your current Web content, you can get the most out of your existing investment. Applying some simple changes and edits throughout your Web site is an efficient and cost-effective first step towards improving your search visibility.

Optimizing your content for search-friendliness isn’t difficult

The method for improving the search visibility of your existing content is no secret, but it does take time and attention to detail. By optimizing the tools that are already at your disposal – title and meta tags, the copywriting and links on your pages, and many other small changes – across your entire site, you can show the engines and your customers a much more search-friendly image of your products and services.

Search Warrant looks at your content with a search-friendly lens

Relying on experience and industry best practices for search-friendly content, Search Warrant looks at your existing Web content through a search-friendly lens. Search visibility auditing and careful analysis of your keywords allow us to establish a benchmark for your existing content and help you identify which keywords you’re willing to compete for. From there, Search Warrant can edit your existing content from top to bottom to ensure it’s optimized for the keywords that matter to you.

Optimize your content for humans and spiders

If your content is already professionally written, customers may not notice the difference between a search-friendly page and one that hasn’t been optimized – but the search engines do. In other cases, our professional copywriters not only improve your search visibility, but they also make your messages more effective.


Once your existing content is certifiably search-friendly, you’re ready to take the next steps towards comprehensive SEO.

Build a good site for your visitors – on all devices – and Google will reward you. Good usability is good SEO too.

What clients are saying…

Where we get the best results for our efforts is SEO. You have to improve it constantly, but it is a very powerful and honest form of marketing. If you truly have a site that prospects will find useful, Google will reward you.

Allan Wille,

CEO, Klipfolio Inc.

Search Warrant took our existing content and repositioned it for SEO. We just review keywords and discuss priority, and Search Warrant takes it from there. The process works really well.

Brendan Ziolo,

Sipera Systems

Search Warrant helps us ensure that we are using industry-leading techniques…We see Search Warrant as a partner in a very collaborative program. It’s a really valuable relationship.

Cathy Kirkpatrick,

Vice President, Alphabet Creative.

30 Burke, Guelph, ON, N1L 1J2, Canada