How to Use Online Reviews for Paid Search

Depending on the type of reviews you got (Google is a bit picky (more on that below)), you can also leverage online reviews for Google AdWords, in the form of an ad extension.

Normally, when your ad displays, you may only have a few seconds to win over that user. Having an ad built out with a valid and honest review, may create a sense of trust between the business and the potential customer. People want to know what type of experience, service, or product to expect, and getting that from an unbiased third-party can help push someone over the edge when making a purchase decision. Also, the more relevant extensions that you have will help to eat up the real estate in the search results, bumping your competitors down. And according to Google, you’ll boost your conversion rate by up to 10%.

Our experience has been that using a review for an ad extension has worked phenomenally. Unfortunately, we’ve only rarely been able to capitalize on this tactic because Google will only accept non-biased third-party reviews and an individual consumer review won’t count. This makes it a bit tougher.

Here are some examples Google gives of acceptable online reviews (one using a direct quote, one that’s paraphrased):

So, third-party sources can be the media, associations or even respected online bloggers. But a review from Tom, Dick or Sally just isn’t going to cut it. Note also that Google prefers the review to be about your business and not specifically about a product or service you’re selling.

So, if you have a review that meets the above outlined criteria, and your review is not longer than 12 months old, you’ll be happy to know that adding an online review as an ad extension is free; there’s no extra charge besides what you pay when someone clicks on the ad.

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