Hey There, Where Are You Going? A Search Warrant Tip

This won’t come as a surprise to you if you’re in the digital industry, but if you’re not, one of the advantages of online marketing over other forms of advertisement is the extreme granularity with which you can target your audience. The most common method of reaching your audience, at least with search marketing, is by targeting keywords. Your company, like your competitors, bid on keywords that trigger your ad to appear when inputted.

But what happens after a user clicks your ad – and just doesn’t end up completing the task you want them to complete? Well, how about aggressively trying to bring them back! You know this person has to be somewhat interested in what you’re offering them. After all, they clicked on your ad.

With Remarketing, you can do just that. Instead of showing a previous visitor the initial advertisement again, you can show them a customizable “Come Back” message. While companies like Adroll and Chango offer remarketing services, those who currently use Google Adwords might be best off using Google’s own Remarketing Lists tool.

A stream-lined process, you first have to apply a Google-provided code to each of your web pages. This code captures identifying information about everyone who visits your website. Afterwards, you can create ad variations based on the page your audience has visited before. Has a user previously visited your company’s Contact Us page? If they search for your targeted keywords again, perhaps you’re best off re-targeting them with an ad that emphasizes that you are only a call or e-mail away. Google’s service also works on the Display Network, meaning you can place such ads on websites that your target user may frequent.

If your website has little traffic to begin with, trying to re-target a small pool of users won’t result in exponential gains. But if you have decent traffic, and your budget allows you to go after previous visitors, it may be worthwhile.