Why Care About Google Ad Extension Call Outs?


In this 90 second video, find out what Google Ad Extension Call Outs are and why you should care.


(Sean Rucko speaking) So today we’re going to spend some time talking about AdWords ad extensions. You may ask, why are ad extensions important to someone like me? Well, they simply add more value to your ads. More value, more clicks. One of the easiest types of ad extensions to implement inside your AdWords account is a call-out extension. The call-out extension is simply an additional line of text that appears below your ad copy, but holds no URL or link. Some examples of call-out extensions could be your hours of operations, free shipping or 24/7 service available. The reason every advertiser should bother with call-out extensions; is it is a free line of text to add into your ad copy. It’s additional messaging and it’s also additional real estate on the search results page, which more often than not, increases click through rate.