Google Core Update May, 2022: What Happened?

Fear Not, in SEO – Change is Normal
SEO fans recognize a core update when they see one and Google publishes one a few times a year. The most recent one in May, 2022 is standard operating procedure and unless you’re among the few unlucky webmasters who saw a big drop, it has no big impact for you though you should be aware of it. The update launched on May 25 at 11:30 AM Eastern for all types of content in all geos and languages. According to Google, there’s no new penalties involved, just more rewards for great content. The rollout was complete as of June 9.

What’s the Net Net for SEOs and Ranks?

There is a lot of discussion among webmasters and SEO fans with most folk reporting no dramatic change, and some others reporting a big gain or big reversal. For better or worse, these ‘tremors’ are also normal results for a core update. On our side, some of our SEO tools show volatility too though it’s calming down as of June 12 or so.

What Should I Do About It?

Stick to your knitting. Continue to monitor your ranks and results for change and most importantly – and I feel like an MD suggesting you eat better and exercise here – continue to publish great content that your audience loves. If you have a question or concern, you know we’re always happy to chat SEO and take a look for you. Looking for something more concrete? Fair enough! If you do see a dip associated with this core update, or you just want to avoid seeing one in the future, here’s guidance from Google published by our friends at Search Engine Land.