Google Raises Prices for U.K., Turkey and Austria

As Newton’s Third Law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And so it goes in the digital sphere…

On November 1st, Google will be raising its fees for ads served in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Austria. Why? Due to the increased complexity and cost of complying with regulations and the new digital services tax in these countries. The fees are outlined as follows:

Turkey: 5% Regulatory Operating Cost added to your invoice or statement.
Austria: 5% DST Fee added to your invoice or statement.
United Kingdom: 2% UK DST Fee added to your invoice or statement.

Some more important info to note:

  • Fees will be shown as a separate line item, and you may also be charged taxes on the added fee.
  • If you pay through monthly invoicing or automatic payments, the fee will just be added, but if you pay manually each month, you might be charged after the invoice for that month, which will then be automatically deducted from your next prepayment.

For more information on the What and the Why of these additional fees, check out Google’s explanation.

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