Demographic Targeting for Search Network Campaigns


Hi, welcome to our video blog series of FAQs about paid search advertising for people like you. I’m Brian O’Grady from Search Warrant Online Marketing, buckle up.

Hi, my name is Sean Rucko and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist at Search Warrant Online Marketing. Today I want to talk to you about demographic targeting on a search network. Although demographic targeting has been available in AdWords for some time, it’s only as recent as late 2016 that they released it for search network campaigns. This is a huge opportunity for your optimization process for your search network campaigns in AdWords. This opens the doors to metrics that we previously didn’t have visibility into.

Demographic targeting on the search network isn’t quite the same as demographic targeting within display campaigns. They don’t quite have as many metrics available to us. But, we do have genders as well as age groupings. So what can you do with all this new found information at your fingertips. Say you have a highly optimized search engine campaign. It’s been in market for the past 2 to 3 months, with a great list of keywords, strong quality scores, but you really want to push that optimization a little further. You now have the ability to dig into the demographic targeting results, to see where all your joy is coming from. You may quickly find out that 80% of your conversions are coming from females above the age of 45. With this information now in hand, you now have the ability to place bid adjustments on those specific demographics, basically telling Google that if you find this new candidate, I’m willing to pay X amount more than I would typically pay.