Search Warrant’s Cool Hot-Summer-Ad-Tips

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the heat is over for you digital marketing pros. Search Warrant has 5 red hot search tips for your PPC ad marketing campaign to help you outperform.

#1) Use Conversation Ads on LinkedIn

Conversation ads are a form of native advertising on LinkedIn. When conversation ads have been executed successfully, we often see CTR of 40-60% in comparison to the B2B CTR average of 0.44%-0.65% from the B2B House. It’s so high that at first you think your tracking is broken. The success of the conversation ads depends on tweaking the components of the ad to be just right. Search Warrant has tested various senders, with different profile pictures and job titles. Senders should have a high quality profile picture of just their faces. In terms of CTAs, there should be no more than three options from which the recipient can choose. Recipients of conversation ads should be part of your remarketing list audience for better results. Finally, conversation ads such be run alongside other remarketing campaigns, that use Direct Sponsored Content Ads, using images and/or videos. This way, you can be in the recipient’s inbox and newsfeed at the same time.

#2) Promote Your Event with Direct Sponsored Content Ads on LinkedIn

Event Ads are a form of Sponsored Content ads on LinkedIn, which allow you to promote your events. However, Search Warrant has found that Direct Sponsored Content Ads are more successful at creating engagement when marketing events. Direct Sponsored Content Ads allow the use of lead gen capture forms, and also allow varied creativity and messaging in the ad content. Consider using a Direct Sponsored Content Ad next time you are marketing an event.

#3) Employ Google Ad’s Performance Max Campaign

In Google Ads, there is a goal-based campaign type called Performance Max, which allows you to access all of your Google Ads channels from a singular campaign. Search Warrant has seen this type of campaign attract more leads and convert more customers across Google channels such as YouTube, Display and Search. This campaign type allows for more simple campaign management and easy ability to optimize your ads. Consider using Performance Max when you want to go beyond keyword-based Search campaigns for more conversion value.

#4) Make Use of Google Ad’s Auto-Applied Recommendations

Managing Google Ad campaigns is tedious. Using Google Ad’s auto-apply ability within the Google Recommendations tab helps remove some of the manual work platform managers do daily. Search Warrant marketing managers have used this function to automatically apply recommendations such as removing redundant keywords and changing the bidding strategy once the AI has learned enough. This functionality has helped Search Warrant move faster, save time and give consumers the ads they want. Be careful though — not all of Google’s recommendations are right for your goal or client so you have to be judicious

#5) Add Vertical Images and Videos to Ad Campaigns

Creative assets are the building books for your ad campaigns. Search Warrant recommends adding vertical images and videos to you ad campaigns for more success on mobile. In today’s mobile world, Search Warrant is seeing higher CTR on campaigns with more portrait-style creative assets. If you are running a mobile ad campaign, this is a must!
Try implementing these tips or delegate these digital marketing details to us. That’s why we are here. Contact us today.