3 Big Reasons You Should Engage in Brand Bidding

Perhaps your budget is slim or your executives require you to justify all spending. Whatever the cause, here are 3 big reasons why you should continue to budget dollars on your own brand keywords.

Dominate Your SERP and Block Competitors

Your competitors would love to steal your customers away and perhaps there’s no better way to do it then to advertise when someone types in your company name. If you bid on your own brand name, it occupies one of the available ad placements and makes bidding on your brand name more expensive for them too since Google discounts your bids for your own brand (see relevancy) and puts a premium on others doing the same. You keep your prospects or customers to yourself (many customers still go to Search Engines first even if they’ve already visited your website).

It also increases the number of times you appear on the SERP, which increases brand recall and assurance in the mind of the user. The more SERP placements you occupy, the greater the impression you make. And, if you’re not already aware, 40 percent of searchers don’t realize Google Ads are paid advertisements.

Control Your Messaging, Cheaply

When you show up in the search engine results page (SERP) organically, you don’t always get to choose what shows up; Google, Bing and Baidu do. Yes, good SEO people will ensure the right title and descriptions appear, but any number of pages can appear in the SERP. Having an SEM campaign targeting your brand terms lets you control the messaging and destination too. Moreover, it’s a great way to announce sales or generate demand for new products and services, which is more difficult to achieve with SEO. Your brand terms are cost-effective for you but not others so you can control your message at a reasonable price.

Get More Traffic & Conversions

How many times have you wondered, or been asked, if your PPC ads steal clicks you would otherwise get for free from your organic listings? Well, Google found that 89 per cent of traffic generated via PPC ads was not replaced when the PPC ads were paused. The PPC ad and an organic listing are mutually supportive. You’ll get more traffic and – if you optimize well – conversions by having both tactics in play than you will from either one alone.

Don’t take our word for it though – there are reports that can show you exactly how your paid and organic listings interact. And we’d be happy to help you check it out. Contact Us.

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