Transform Bing Search Ads into Intent Ads

Bing Intent Ads are a smarter kind of advertising. With the understanding that Bing has around audience intent based on a person’s previous search history, Bing will integrate search ads (with an image) into relevant page content when that user visits one of Microsoft’s premium publishers. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bing analyzes search history, content signals and web activity to deliver search ads that will likely be more relevant and engaging because they will be more in-tune to what people want or are interested in already.

Bing Intent Ads are relatively easy to set up, the only difference between Search Ads and Intent Ads is that you must include an image, since the Intent Ads will appear within content. Besides your targeting and negative-keyword settings, Bing analyzes the person’s search history, browse history, the type of content they have reviewed, the type of ads that they clicked on as well as demographic information, before displaying the ad within relevant content.

Example of a Bing Intent Ad

Bing Intent Ads are reminiscent of Google’s Native Display ads, which tend to perform well. This is likely due to Google’s Native Display Ads taking advantage of Google’s own version of AI-based targeting. Results for Bing Intent ads are yet to be seen but we’ll keep you informed.

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