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3 Big Reasons Why Facebook Matters for SEO

In 2014, an employee at Google released a video that said that social signals, such as Facebook likes, are not taken into account by Google’s algorithm and will not affect search rankings. Google, of course, isn’t the only game in town, Bing does take social signals into account. Whether the search is performed on Google or Bing, studies have found though a correlation between search rankings and social media. Here are three big reasons Facebook matters for SEO…

#1 Facebook Backlinks Matter

Google and Bing both crawl Facebook just like they crawl any other web page, so backlinks from Facebook pages and status updates count. Studies conducted by both Hootsuite and Optinmonster found that there was a correlation between social media popularity and Google search rankings. Backlinks are an extremely important search ranking factor. The more links you have from credible sources, the more likely you’ll be higher in the search engine results page (SERP).

#2 Facebook Drives People to Your Site

Whether it’s organic or paid advertising, having your status updates shared, increasing exposure to your target audience will undoubtedly drive more people to your website and drive more people to search for you, which will impact your search ranking. The same Hootsuite study that found there was a correlation between social media popularity and Google search rankings, also found that paid promotion has double the SEO benefit of organic promotion, likely because paid promotion increases reach (it’s estimated that only 10% of your followers see your organic posts, you need to boost your post to get the other 90% to see it).

#3 Your Facebook Profile is a Search Result

As you can see by the screenshot below, when you type in Search Warrant Online Marketing, Facebook is on the first page of results. This is true for most companies. Many people like to review the social media profiles of companies in which they’re either going to do business with or buy a product from. So, it’s important that a company pays attention to how they’re representing themselves on Facebook as that can impact people’s impressions and buying behaviour as much as their website.

search warrant online marketing google search results screenshot

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